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Gaz Gold Pro Kits - TVR, MX5, VX220 & Elise

Gaz Gold Pro kits are available for Lotus Elise, later TVR models, Mazda MX5 and Vauxhall VX220 and have been developed for fast road, trackday and race car drivers who require a serious upgrade to their suspension to significantly increase grip. The lighter weight construction and fast flow valving ensure the damper is able to react more quickly to imperfections and undulations in the road surface to maintain tyre grip with the road at all times. Large diameter bodies and greater oil capacity reduces the chances of damper fade in road or race applications.
  • Damping adjustable (bump & rebound) from a single control knob
  • Damping and height adjustments are made in situ (no need to remove from car)
  • H15 high tensile aluminium construction - light weight / high strength
  • Anodised for longer life and corrosion resistance
  • 50 mm bodies for increased oil capacity
  • 15mm self lubricating bearings for longer life
  • Graphite banded piston for better sealing - improved consistent performance
  • 14mm diameter induction hardened chrome piston rods for strength and durability
  • Powerflex bump stop fitted.
We offer full FREE customisation of spring rates and damper valving depending upon the intended use of the car, its basic specification and the tyres used (road, semi or full slick. In this way you get the correct kit specification for your needs.

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