GAZ SHOCKS produce a wide range of high performance shock absorbers for the classic and modern car market. Gaz Adjustable Dampers are OE replacements with adjustable damping and are available with or without coilover springs and ride height adjustable versions also feature in the range. GAZ SHOCKS also supply vehicle specific complete coilover suspension kits available in GAZ GHA for fast road and trackday and GAZ GOLD tarmac motorsport (and serious track day) versions. Also available are GAZ alloy camber adjustable top mounts to provide camber adjustment for serious use on the race circuit use and a range of universal coilover units.

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Gaz Coilovers - Free Customisation

All the Gaz Coilover kits we supply can be customised to suit your exact driving needs. Whether you are driving a fast road car, dedicated track-day car or a circuit race car running big power and slick tyres, we can supply you a set of Gaz Coilovers with the correct spring rate and damper valving to ensure you are getting the correct setup for your use.

We do not charge you extra for customising your Gaz Coilovers. We would rather supply you with the most suitable and hence competitive Gaz Coilover kit. Many so-called "experts" and specialists will sell you an off the shelf kit (especially online sellers) but we have never found an off the shelf racing car so how will that work! You can leave us (Corby Motorsport) and Gaz Shocks to work out what the best set-up is for you or, alternatively if you have your own spring rate preferences, we will have your Gaz Coilover Kit built around those (again, at no extra charge).

Gaz Coilovers - GHA - Road and Trackday

The Gaz GHA coilover kits are designed for the fast road & trackday market offering height and damping adjustability and a lower ride height for improved cornering performance. Dampers matched correctly to spring rates used ensure the suspension feels firmer without being harsh or crashy, ride comfort is maintained but cornering performance improved.

  • 42 way damping adjustability
  • Shortened dampers and stroke lengths give -25mm to -65mm of height adjustment
  • Course acme form thread which allows for easier ride height adjustment
  • Dampers are zinc coated for maximum corrosion resistance
Gaz GOLD Coilovers - GGA - Motorsport

Gaz GOLD Coilover Kits (GGA) are designed for circuit motorsport and the serious track day enthusiast. Featuring larger damper bodies for increased oil capacity to stop oil frothing and cavitation to ensure the damper performs consistently under racing conditions. Thicker piston rods and main bearings are used to accept the loads generated by semi and full slick tyres and dampers are height and damping adjustable. Spring rates and damper valving can be customised to suit a wide range of uses such as circuit, drift, drag, tarmac and gravel rallying.

  • 42 way damping adjustability
  • Shortened dampers and stroke lengths give -25mm to -65mm of height adjustment
  • Increased oil capacity to improve consistency
  • Steel and alloy construction to reduce unsprung weight
  • Fully customisable to suit your needs
  • Course acme form thread which allows for easier ride height adjustment
  • Dampers are black anodised for maximum corrosion resistance and service life
  • Fully serviceable and rebuildable
Gaz Gold Pro Kits - TVR, MX5, VX220 & Elise

Gaz Gold Pro kits are available for Lotus Elise, later TVR models, Mazda MX5 and Vauxhall VX220 and have been developed for fast road, trackday and race car drivers who require a serious upgrade to their suspension to significantly increase grip. The lighter weight construction and fast flow valving ensure the damper is able to react more quickly to imperfections and undulations in the road surface to maintain tyre grip with the road at all times. Large diameter bodies and greater oil capacity reduces the chances of damper fade in road or race applications.

  • Damping adjustable (bump & rebound) from a single control knob
  • Damping and height adjustments are made in situ (no need to remove from car)
  • H15 high tensile aluminium construction - light weight / high strength
  • Anodised for longer life and corrosion resistance
  • 50 mm bodies for increased oil capacity
  • 15mm self lubricating bearings for longer life
  • Graphite banded piston for better sealing - improved consistent performance
  • 14mm diameter induction hardened chrome piston rods for strength and durability
  • Powerflex bump stop fitted.
Gaz Monotube Dampers - TVR, MX5, VX220 & Elise

The Gaz Monotube kits are the latest evolution from the Gaz Gold Pro and enjoy all the features with the added benefit of being built in a monotube design enabling the dampers to be mounted inverted (upside down) to move the oil and gas cells away from heat such as the braking system for even greater consistency during a race. Priced competitively against other brands and exceeding their performance, the Gaz Monotube kits are the defining race set up for Lotus Elise, later TVR models, Mazda MX5 and Vauxhall VX220 models.

Gaz Suspension Top Mounts

A range of on car camber adjustable or fixed camber top mounts is offered that fit either OE and aftermarket suspension or order with your Gaz Coilovers for a perfect combination. These suspension top mounts reduce suspension flex experienced with OE rubber mounts for greater grip and steering feel whilst the adjustable versions allow increased negative camber to be dialed in for further improvements in front end grip.

Gaz OE Replacement Dampers

A range of dampers and struts for the classic and modern car markets. Dampers feature adjustable damping and shorter bodies for lower ride heights designed to improve handling and increase grip. front and rear dampers are catered for the range consisting of height adjustable coilovers, fixed height dampers and damper inserts for a wide range of vehicle.

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