Gaz GOLD Coilovers

Gaz GOLD Coilovers for Motorsport

Designed for circuit motorsport and serious track day enthusiasts. Features include on-car height* and damping adjustment, shortened damper bodies and springs for -25 to -65mm adjustment of ride height, larger bodies with greater oil capacity for improved damping consistency and thicker piston rods, bearings and seals to accept the loadings generated by semi and full slick tyres

Gaz Shocks take their racing seriously, sponsoring and often competing in the Lotus Elise Trophy, BMW Compact Cup Series, BMW 330 Challenge. BRSCC Porsche Championship, Mazda Mk1 MX-5 Supercup, Mazda Mk3 MX-5 Supercup, Mighty Minis Racing, Smart Car 4two Cup and Pick Up Truck Racing all using Gaz GOLD Coilover suspension kits. This experience is invaluable when designing race car suspension making Gaz Shocks the go to brand in club motorsport.

*On many modern cars, the OE rear suspension design may not lend itself to the fitment of a coilover unit. In this case, a separate damper and rear coil spring is used. The rear spring sits on and adjustable spring platform (supplied) bolted into the car so the kit retains full height adjustment all round.

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