Gaz GHA Coilovers

Gaz GHA Coilovers for Road and Trackday

Designed for fast road and track days. Features include on-car height* and damping adjustment, shortened damper bodies and springs for -25 to -65mm adjustment of ride height although most kits will go much lower!

Fitting a Gaz GHA coilover kit will allow you to alter the front to rear stiffness bias to reduce excessive understeer or oversteer to gain the cornering characteristics you want. All Gaz GHA Coilover kits are covered by a 2 year warranty.

*On many modern cars, the OE rear suspension design may not lend itself to the fitment of a coilover unit. In this case, a separate damper and rear coil spring is used. The rear spring sits on and adjustable spring platform (supplied) bolted into the car so the kit retains full height adjustment all round.

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